OOTD: Snow White

Those from warm places of the world, meet Lithuanian weather. Watching snow falling sometimes feels really magical, even if it's freezing cold and you can barely see the path. It's not too difficult to find an outfit for such weather when you are used to it. This is one of my go-to outfits for winter, because black is always a solution. You might see quite a few new items that were not seen on the blog before, because a lot has happened since the last outfit post.


Flawless winter

Hello! It's that time when everyone starts looking for some new clothing pieces for winter or puts the old ones on display again. Winter is definitely not that cold in all countries, but in most of them temperature falls pretty low. In any case, it's nice to have something fluffy and cute to make yourself warm. I started wearing my fur coat way before it was freezing outside just because layering is not necessary when you have a thick coat or a jacket on top. Getting to the point, we all want not only to feel comfortable but also look fabulous. There are some types of outer garments to pay attention to if you're ready to slay. 

Forever 21 | Forever 21 | MANGO
Fur coat. Of course, real fur coats are ridiculously expensive, but you are always allowed to do some thrifting or take a look at your grandma's closet. Luckily, you can find faux fur almost everywhere. All types, all colors and all sizes are wanted this winter. Fur coat is easy to match with other clothes and accessories, but the one that has a straight cut goes with everything.


OOTD: Ripped jeans and heels

I guess it's been a while. The outfit has that grunge vibe, as always, but I thought that heels would go pretty well with ripped jeans. I feel like a pair of nice heels can transform any casual outfit and make it scream "fashion". Almost the same thing a red lipstick does, so I just went for it.Wait for one more thing related to this outfit!


Summer 2016

Happy September everyone! I've decided to give you a glimpse of what my summer looked like. Most of these are on my instagram, but I just want to put everything together here. I've had a job for two months during the summer, so no wild parties or anything crazy, but it was really special as I got my high school diploma, moved to Vilnius, ate many burgers, worked, got accepted into university and, most importantly, didn't have to do long distance any longer. Now, I want to focus on creative communication studies, blogging and just get used to all the rush. 


OOTD: Bodycon dress

Hello! I usually don't start the post talking about the outfit, but this time let's do it differently. I bought this dress back in winter and only wore it a couple of times. It's a simple grey bodycon dress, so it can be pretty casual without any fancy accessories. The weather is getting colder every day, so I decided to finally wear it again. I think the dress looks good, but I remember feeling uncomfortable wearing tight clothes. In my head it was like being nude which is not true and wrong in terms of self-confidence. I'm so glad I managed to overcome that, because bodycon dresses look great even on daily basis! Now, everyone, who has ever taken at least one photo of me, knows how hard it is, so shout-out to my boyfriend. He has a pretty good eye and is being really patient!


2016.08.10 and life update

Hey! I think it's about time to give you a little update. The day after my last exam I went straight to Vilnius, started searching for a job and then started working. This has both sides and I know that I should find a job I would entirely enjoy, I'm working on it, but now it is what it is. Yes, new experience, new skills, my own money and just time in the capital. What I don't like is that I get too tired to try to look good, draw, read or go somewhere on my days off. That just doesn't feel right and maybe because of some unfulfilled dreams and abandoned hobbies I feel like I'm losing myself. Bloggers are people, too, what might be surprising as not many girls talk openly on their blogs. Time to get real. We get tired, lazy and I can't find a valid reason to create a different impression. Curling up in bed, watching movies and just relaxing is good, but sometimes it's just too much even if I have the best companion in the entire world. Such situations often put me in a depressing mood, so it was really cool to be invited to pigu.lt event. Even though the whole topic about backpacks was more for people with kids, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Despite everything, I'm happy to be doing at least something and starting to live on my own.

Because I decided to finally add some effort to my look, I went for red lips and a sleek low bun just to try something other than loose hair. The key element was the same skirt I was wearing on my graduation day. I tried to dress it down a little bit by wearing platform loafers. The leather jacket always gives off a badass vibe and I'm all about it. And my favorite vintage bag, of course (my mom hates it by the way).

shoes: Luciana de Luca | skirt: mine | bag: vintage | leather jacket: MANGO | top: Sinsay


Searching for a perfect backpack


Hello! It's back to school time. This year I'm starting a university, so I decided that it's time to get some new stuff. I already have a couple of items for my dorm room and maybe I'll do a haul post later, but first things first. I need a new, stylish backpack to carry all my stuff in. The problem with me is that even during the summer I manage to put so many things into my purse that my hand either hurts as hell or I can't feel it at all. A shoulder bag would be an option, but I need a backpack more to carry a laptop, books and anything else that I might or might not need. A leather backpack which would last me for a really long time would be nice, but it's way above my budget (I don't want to spend more than 80 euros). And 80 is still a lot for a student, but I want to stop wasting my money on low quality purchases.

You can see my top picks, but the ones I want the most will probably be too small for a laptop and I'm not sure about the quality of those from amazon. I'm looking for a black one, because I want it to match with all of my clothes. It won't be easy to find all features in one item,  but I'm still positive about that. That's what I call looking for the impossible.

We all know how hard it is to find a perfect backpack. It has to fit a lot (laptop included), the design must be flawless and it has to have at least a few pockets inside. No one wants a phone floating around together with other belongings. If you know any brands or online stores that I might like, I'd be happy to see them. 




I'm officialy done with high school. Not that I hated it or anything, but every ending is a new beginning, so I can't wait to find out what's up next. 

I only attended an official part where we got our diplomas. I had to be at work the day after and that is why I did not celebrate with my classmates and parents after the first part. No memorable "prom party", but I had the loveliest evening and it was just as great as partying with those epic people.

Even though I had to catch the train back to Vilnius and literally ran out of the church, I pushed myself really hard to look my best. Not every day you get a chance to dress up and look all fancy. I had an idea of what I wanted since Christmas, so I started buying fabrics for my tulle skirt around that time. It was so hard to sew it properly and I was so tired that the result didn't please me. I later bought a top from H&M and then for sure knew I didn't want to wear this assemble. Yes, such things happen to me. The top was too long, but the problem was easily solved and that changed the entire look. A couple of days before the event, I bought the shoes and then took a look in the mirror again. This time, I couldn't wait to get my makeup done and go out.

I kept my hair and makeup simple, then added a pair of noticeable earrings and that was a great finish. How stupid of me it was to think about another outfit for a graduation ceremony?


Current beauty favorites

Hi! Recently, I've discovered some new products and others have been my favorites for quite a while, so I decided to include them all in this post about my current beauty favorites. Have you tried any of these?

(find it here)

What I love about this lotion is that it doesn't have that strong specific smell of flowers or fruits. This one is on the sweet side and reminds me of milk, but hard to identify. When I put this on, it looks like I have gold dust all over me. The lotion itself is not sticky at all, so sometimes I use it on my whole body, because it really softens the skin. And that fairy dust effect...


This is not a new one either. I have it in a 110 PORCELAIN and it seems to be the one to match my skin tone better than any other foundation I've tried earlier. Girls with fair complexion will know the struggle. FIT ME foundation feels very light on the skin, has a pretty good coverage and doesn't look gross when my skin becomes oily. That's an advantage. 


Where have I been all this time? In the shower, washing my hair way too often. Now, it feels like I had no life before. Dry shampoo saves so much time and this one in particular really gives more volume. Of course, using it every day would not be a good idea, but it helps when I'm in a rush or have a second day hair and don't want to wash it yet.


It came in a set together with makeup remover and pencil eyeliner, but I never use those two. All items are in sample sizes and that's perfect for traveling or just small bags. Currently, this packaging is convenient for me.


Even though I expected these to be totally matte, they are not, but the quality overcomes the lack of a powder effect. Both lipliner and lip tints are super waterproof and stay on the whole day, even after eating or drinking. While 03 NATURAL has a cayenne color, 04 ATTITUDE has more purple in it. Both colors look dark on the lips and I love that. What I do not like is that after a couple hours you can clearly see darker lines, but it is still pretty good for its price. The other drawback is the packaging. I can already see that letters will come off very soon and the silver parts will be scratched. Well, I can deal with that as long as the lipstick itself is good. 


OOTD: Stripes and all

Hot days and chilly evenings. The weather is not my favorite right now at all, so I tend to avoid any tight clothes. Instead, I chose this loose shirt which made the outfit look even more vintage, red lipstick also did its job.

This outfit probably follows my previous post about Alexa Chung. I mean, what else is left when you have to pack your whole stuff into one suitcase? Well, to be honest, I would probably wear the same even if I had all of my clothes with me here in Vilnius. By the way, I kind of live here now (at least for a while), because school is over and I've been spending most of my free time in the capital for the last half a year anyway.


Woman crush: Alexa Chung

If this name doesn't sound familiar to you, where have you been all this time?

One of the most successful women of the century is a muse to many designers and inspires many fashion lovers all around the world. A model, TV presenter, contributing editor to British Vogue and an author (several clothing lines to add to this list, too) has been the it girl sice forever. Not only does she have a flawless sense of style, her personality is also something to admire.

Why do I admire her so much? For one, the girl knows how to slay the red carpet.

Also, she rocks the streets with her everyday style. We can all learn from her and improve our looks even on the laziest days. 

Comfort comes first. Of course, everyone is guilty for wearing those killer heels just because they look good, trying not to breathe in a tight dress or something like that. We all have been there at least once.We often forget that feeling free brings so much confidence.
Jeans and basics. This duo always looks clean and stylish, so you just can't go wrong with that, spice up with some accessories.
Just the right amount of makeup. Or makeup-free. Forget that Kim K/Kylie Jenner "Instagram face", because it makes all faces look pretty much the same and that is not a cool look. Better embrace your natural features.


OOTD: 02/06/2016

jeans: thrifted/DIY | shirt: thrifted | bag: vintage | sunglasses: H&M | shoes: Luciana de Luca



Long story short: accidentally ripped my jeans and decided to to turn the problem to my advantage instead of buying a new pair. I didn't expect myself to go for this trend, but it seemed to be the best solution. Separate patches for clothing are ridiculously expensive, so I only bought a few to cover the damage. To be honest, I like them even better than before.

top, sunglasses: H&M | jeans: H&M/DIY | flannel shirt: mom's | shoes: Luciana de Luca

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